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COORD3 is a global leader in supplying Coordinate Measuring Machines, with 30+ years of experience and over 5000 units successfully installed around the globe. COORD3 is known for technological excellence and world-class support. Our comprehensive product range offers advanced measuring platforms, from a budget bench-top CMM for small part inspection to some of the largest Gantry CMMs every produced.

COORD3 CMMs are produced from advanced alloy technology offering much enhanced performance over the heavy and slow granite structures belonging to a bygone era. CMMs can be equipped with Renishaw touch/scanning probes and suitable for all applicable manufacturing measuring applications.

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5 Axis Scanning from Renishaw

Equipping your new COORD3 CMM with Renishaw’s REVO 5-Axis scanning technology will take your CMM to new heights in throughput, efficiency, and accuracy.  Watch the video to see this revolutionary measuring technology in action.

5 Axis Probing from Renishaw

The 5-Axis technology developed for the REVO measurement system is also available for touch-trigger applications. 5-Axis motion and infinite positioning provide optimal feature access and measurement throughput.

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